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New Bulgarian University

New Bulgarian University was established on 18 September 1991 with a resolution by Bulgarian Parliament.  NBU is an accredited partner of the Open University UK. New Bulgarian University pioneered the introduction in Bulgaria of a credit system, Professional Bachelor’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, distance and continuing education. The mission of New Bulgarian University is to be an autonomous liberal education institution dedicated to the advancement of university education by offering accessible and affordable opportunities for interdisciplinary and specialized education and research of high quality. Bringing its academic potential to the service of society, the University prepares its graduates for the challenges of modern democratic life cultivating critical and creative thinking, sensitivity to cultural difference, and problem‐solving. NBU provides a liberal arts education in which acquisition of knowledge and professional skills is integrated with spiritual and ethical values. New Bulgarian University is committed to maintaining its academic standards and constantly enhancing the quality of its learning, teaching and research provisions. The University’s Quality Assurance System is focused on striking a balance between academic quality and market competition. (Source: the university website)

Degree Courses Taught in English: Yes
Online/Distance courses offered:
Bachelors Course Duration: Semesters (8) Years (4)
Masters Course Duration: Semesters (03-Apr) Years (1.5 - 2)


English proficency required.

At New Bulgarian University there is a system of students work and experience. Twice a year at the beginning of each semester, University structures declare their need for students to work part time. Detailed information about the job and the applying conditions for the system and student work experience will be published on the website and on the notice boards at the University, provided to introduce students in Student Information Centre, Central Lobby, Building 1 (1st floor).


Special Pedagogics programme costs €1534 per year.

International Communication programme costs €9800 per year.

Higher Education in Bulgaria attracts many international students, this is due not only because of its excellent educational quality and the fact that their diploma’s are recognised throughout the EU/EEA and beyond, but also because of it’s reasonable tuition fees and living expenses.  Courses are taught in English, French, German and Bulgarian. The academic year comprises of two terms, and courses generally start in September or October and end in May or June.

Lectures are interest driven and there are also extra curriculum activities allowing students to enjoy their educational experience whilst studying in Bulgaria. Students also work in small groups this supports a deeper understanding of subjects. Tutoring is also common practice and helps to develop and improve professionalism.

The Higher Education system in Bulgaria is generally based on the Bachelor, Master and Doctorate system (LMD) and is provided through three types of institutions: Universities, Specialised High Schools and Colleges.  The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) has been adopted under the necessary legislation (Higher Education Act) and has been implemented since 2004. Higher Education Institutions in Bulgaria are autonomous, and are responsible for their own programme design and quality assurance with the education that they provide.

Throughout all HE institutions quality management systems for internal monitoring and evaluation are enforced and are required through legislation. This is also monitored and evaluated externally by the Nation-al Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation.

Higher Education in Bulgaria is highly renowned on an international level. This is reflected in the fact that thousands of Bulgarian medical Doctors are working in UK, Canada, France, Germany as well as other parts of the World. Almost all universities have full Bulgarian accreditation, some of them have double accreditation i.e. American, French, UK, Dutch etc. Bulgaria is a FULL EU member state and as such all HE qualifications are recognised throughout the EU, EEA and other parts of the World.