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Aegean Omiros College

Aegean College is part of OMIROS Educational Group, a reputable, dynamic group of educational institutions that has over 65 years of experience in providing high calibre education to its students in Greece. “Aegean College’s continued commitment to educational excellence is manifested in: the numerous National and International awards our students have achieved and continue to achieve year on year; our educational and professional affiliations with national and multi-national corporations; our affiliations with British State Universities and examination bodies such as: The University of Wales, The University of Central Lancashire, Anglia Ruskin University, and Edexcel. As a result, our students enjoy impressive educational opportunities to take on projects directly linked to industry prior to graduation, as well as excellent career prospects shortly after graduation. Choosing a career will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make, influencing your future life and career prospects. We have always been proud of our students achievements at all levels of post-secondary education, as well as our modern methods of teaching and learning which extend throughout the scope of interdisciplinary study. We aim to ensure that, on graduation, our students are equipped to play KEY roles in a world of rapid social, technological and economic transition. AEGEAN OMIROS College offers a stimulating, challenging academic opportunity to help mould your professional future.”  (Nicholas Makriplidis – President, Source: the university’s website)

Degree Courses Taught in English: Yes
Online/Distance courses offered: No
Bachelors Course Duration: Semesters (6) Years (3)
Masters Course Duration: Semesters (2) Years (1)

None required.

BA – minimum 6.0 IELTS, TOEFL 570 or equivalent, MA – IELTS 6.5 minimum required.

BSc (Hons) Speech & Language Therapy requires minimum of IELTS 7.5

The Aegean Omiros College’s Accommodation Office can help you with the following:

• Accommodation
• Advice about finding a room to rent privately.
• Information about temporary accommodations in Athens.

Please email for further information at:

At Aegean Omiros College, we start helping you plan your career from the start. Our Careers Services Centre can help you find high quality employment while studying and after graduation.

More specifically, our college counselling services offer career path guidance, interviewing skills and a job-shop to monitor employment possibilities for students.

For further information go to their Career Development Centre at:

EU students are allowed to work in Greece without any work permit. For detailed and up-to-date information on working in Greece, please visit the European Commission’s EURES website:

BSc (Hons) Speech & Language Therapy = 1-1.5 years
BA (Hons) in Psychosocial Studies  = 1.5 years
BSc (Hons) Midwifery = 4 years


Greece, the very birthplace of academia or, in Ancient Greek, Akadēmía? This Mediterranean country is widely recognized as the intellectual wellspring to which modern western culture owes many of its linguistic, philosophical, cultural, legal, social and ethical beliefs and systems.

Concepts of individualism, freedom, democracy and government all have their roots in the great thinkers of Ancient Greece, whose ideas are still widely read and debated today. Keen to follow in the footsteps of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus and so many other great questioners and innovators?

There are just over 20 universities in Greece, spread across the country and all within the public sector. While teaching is mainly in Greek, specialised study programs are also available in other languages (most commonly English), at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. These universities are joined by 15 Technological Educational Institutes (TEIs), which offer higher education programs with a focus on practical and professional skills, in subjects such as applied technology, healthcare, agriculture, management and art and design.


Furthermore, according to the Framework Laws 4009/2011, 4076/2012, 3549/2007, 2916/2001, higher education consists of two parallel sectors: the University sector (Universities, Polytechnics, Fine Arts Schools, the Open University) and the Technological sector (Technological Education Institutions (T.E.I.) and the School of Pedagogic and Technological Education).

The same law regulates issues concerning governance of higher education along the general lines of increased participation, greater transparency, accountability and increased autonomy.

Students who successfully finish their studies in universities and T.E.I. are awarded a “Ptychio” (Bachelor). First cycle programmes last from four years for most fields to five years for engineering and certain other applied science fields and six years for medicine. Bachelor’s degree leads to employment or further study at the post-graduate level that includes the one year second cycle leading to the second degree, “Metaptychiako Diploma Eidikefsis” (MSc) and the third cycle leading to the doctorate degree, “Didaktoriko Diploma”.

The Law 3549/2007 referring to quality assurance in Higher Education, the Credit Transfer System and the Diploma Supplement defines the framework and criteria for evaluation of university departments and for certification of student’s degrees. These measures aim at promoting student mobility and contributing to the creation of a European Higher Education Area.

(Source: Erasmus Office T.E.I. Piraeus)